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Finding beauty in the incomplete

Art is a huge source of inspiration for Masahiro Maruyama. The concept is “unfinished art ––finding beauty in the incomplete”. Whereas classical frame designs are symmetrical and beautifully completed, Masahiro’s asymmetric frames are “unfinished”, creating evocative, eccentric designs. Like having a piece of art, Masahiromaruyama frames are not just for daily use or a fashion statement, but as well as for their own sake.


This collection is inspired by the sculptural process, from the tool marks of a chisel on stone, the space created in the gaps between piled pieces of clay, to the wire framework built for the process.

Frame material: Acetate
Temple material: Acetate
Lens width: 42mm 
Nose bridge width: 27mm 
Temple width: 145mm 
Handmade in Japan (Sabae City in Fukui)
Nose pad size: Small (recommended for international fit style: 3mm)
Attachment: Case and cleaning cloth

Occhiale Vista Masahiro Maruyama MM-0067 - No.1 Black

€ 530,00Prezzo
Colore: Nero
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