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Lens colour and technologyLST® blue light VARiO blue mirror

Frame colournavy metallic


LST® blue light VARiO blue mirror

The combination of LST® blue light and VARiO brings together the benefits of the two technologies: protection against harmful blue light, especially in high mountains, harmonization of rapid fluctuations caused by the interplay of light and shadow and smooth self-tinting in changing light conditions.

  • Base Colour: brown - dark brown
  • Protection Level: 2 - 4 (dark to very dark tint)
  • Light Absorption: 73-94%
  • Light Transmission: 27-6%

very sunny


high UV rays


Evil Eye Occhiale da Sole trace pro 0E001754500000S

€ 304,00Prezzo
Colore: Blu
Lenti: marrone
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